Saturday, January 19, 2008

Vanishing Of The Bees
Colony collapse disorder(CCD) is becoming a serious concern among beekeepers, researchers, and farmers. The bees are leaving the colony and not returning. They are just gone. There is no known cause for CCD. According to the USDA Agriculture Research Service action plan there are four possible causes:
(1) new or reemerging pathogens, (2) new bee pests or parasites, (3) environmental and/or nutritional stress, or (4) pesticides. Research will focus on determining which of these factors are contributing causes of CCD, either individually or in combination.

Bees are needed to help pollinate many fruits and vegetables. The large factory farms in southern California can not support a wild bee population because of mono culture. Bees are trucked in from all over the country to pollinate these farms. It is estimated that commercial beekeepers help pollinate over 15 billion dollars worth of fruits and vegetables.

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