Monday, June 29, 2009

Toe Is Better
My infection has gone away with the help of anti- biotics, rest and cleaning. Much better.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Bad You Know
It seems my toe is infected. If antibiotics do not work, the toe nail will have to come off. Butch, one of the guys at the Mayor's House, has volenteered to remove it. It will take a bottle of bourbon and a needle nose pliers. Ouch! Go anti-biotics go!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sad News
Several Hikers have died since I last had access to a computer.
In Washington
Canyon, Ariz. –
A body, presumptively identified as 69 year old Robert (Bob)
A. Williams, was found today by park search and rescue personnel in the Hermit
Basin area of Grand Canyon National Park.
On May 26, park rangers received a
report that Mr. Williams was overdue from his Memorial Day weekend plans which
had included hiking in Grand Canyon National Park. On May 27, after finding Mr.
Williams’ vehicle on the South Rim, park rangers began searching a broad
area—from Hermit Basin to the South Kaibab area—that could easily be accessed on
foot or via shuttle from the point where Mr. Williams’ vehicle was found. On May
29, park rangers were able to narrow their search to the Hermit Basin area based
on information received after issuing a public request for assistance to anyone
who had hiked in the park’s back country during the Memorial Day weekend.
Also in Washington.
The chief pilot for the New Mexico State Police and a lost hiker died when a rescue helicopter crashed in stormy weather high on a mountain near Santa Fe late Tuesday, authorities announced today. A second officer was seriously injured
My condolences to their friends and families.
I can not figure out the html to fix the way this post looks. Sorry.
Chance Meetings
In Delaware Water Gap, I ran into Mary from NH. I had not seen her since Damascus, Virginia, during my 2001 thru hike. We are both still hiking the Appalachian Trail In large sections. Althogh her sections are linear. When she ends one section, she starts again at the same spot. There is no method to my madness.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Moving Slow
I am not in great shape. My feet and ankles hurt more than they have on other trips. I am currently staying at the Mayor of Unionville, New York's house. I am going to start writing up stories and posting them. Short internet time now.
Update: I had a nice long talk with the Mayor. He is no longer the Mayor, but was when he started taking in hikers. He takes in hikers as a labor of love. His wife was sick for many years, and died in 2006, if I recall correctly. He would tell his wife about the hikers he met in town and how interesting they were. And his wife would always say wouldn't it be nice if some one would show us kindness on our travels. If we were far from home and needed a shower or laundry. Wouldn't it be nice. Of course the Mayor said it would be nice. Out of love for his highschool sweetheart, a lady he was married to for 44 years, he takes in hikers.
It is really his story to tell. If you find yourself on the Appalachian Trail in New York, stop by the Mayors house. It will bring joy to your life and his.