Thursday, April 17, 2008

80,000 Miles
I have not heard of Harry "Hawk" McGinnis before. It seems his walk around the world is longer than Darren "Vagabond" Wendell"s.

PANAMA CITY (Reuters Life!) - Striding around Panama City on tree-trunk legs that have carried him through 66 countries, 80-year-old U.S. citizen Harry Lee McGinnis reckons he knows the secret of staying healthy into old age.

"Movement," he explains, as he readies for the final stage of an 80,000-mile around-the-world walk that has taken him 18 years so far, inspired by glossy photos of foreign lands he pored over as a child.

A towering figure with a muscular build and the rugged looks of actor Roger Moore, McGinnis is not your average old-age pensioner.

"Moore and I are the same age, but I think he looks older," he jokes.

He carry a hundred pound backpack! Definitely not a goliter. His web site.

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