Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ha Ha
Libby at Newshoggers finds a gas station with 35 cents gas. The store did not notice for nine hours. Here is Libby.
I find it hilarious that it took the store ten hours to figure it out and fix it. A direct result of the corporatization of the convenience stores I'd guess. It's rare to find a privately owned one anymore. They join conglomerates in order to survive in a 'free market' that favors corporate buying power.

Whoever made the mistake was probably a close to minimum wage employee and it took a long time to fix because the store had to get permission from the regional manager to change the price. One expects that's because there is some kind of blocking system that prevents them from changing it more than once a day to prevent inside theft. In any event, one of the clerks is blaming the public for the long duration of the mistaken price.

“People had been coming in all day stiffing us, not telling us nothing,” Weller said. “They knew something was wrong because regular gas was still $3-something a gallon, and when have you ever known premium gas to be lower than regular?”

You might also have thought that the clerks would notice a lot of people suddenly buying ten bucks worth of gas instead of thirty or more when it still took just as long to fill up but leaving that aside, what would do if you suddenly discovered 35 cent gas? Would you tell the clerk or tell your friends?

I would like to add that gas was last 35 cents in 1972.

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