Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hiker Food
When people talk to me about my hikes, they usually ask about food. On most of my hikes, I try to carry no more than six days of food. Ideally three or four days of food. I have found certain things that work for me. They may not work for you. Generally, I am a forager. That means, I go into towns and buy whatever is available. If you are picky you may want to mail more of your food. If I know a town is very small or remote, I will mail a food package to myself. I dislike chasing mail packages.

I eat three larger meals and lots of snacks through out the day. Breakfast and lunch are essentially the same. A bagel with salami, cheese and a mayonnaise package if I can find them in town. Of course, the salami may be summer sausage or pepperoni. In hot months cheese can melt, buy the hardest cheese you can find to cut down on melting.

I like the ritual of cooking a dinner. My dinners are usually pretty simple. A Lipton's noodles and sauce with a ramen and tuna package. A Idahoan mashed potatoes with a ramen and tuna package. I always pour good extra virgin olive oil on the meal after it has been cooked. The oil looses a lot of its nutritional value if cooked. I add dried tomatoes, mushrooms, vegetables or whatever I can find in town to bump up the nutritional value. Parmesan cheese is a good thing to sprinkle on for extra flavor. The first day out of town you can have anything you want within reason of course.

Every two hours or so I have a snack. Snickers bar, Gorp(I have many versions), Frito's scoops,
Gummy bears, Sour Patch candy(high in Vitamin C), beef jerky, are some of my favorites. In most towns Clif bars are just too expensive two to three dollars. A snickers bar sixty five cents.

On the Pacific Crest Trail in 04, I hiked with K-too. He saw a nutritionist before his hike. According to his nutritionist, I do not eat food. I know, I eat a lot of junk food, but I make up for it in town by drinking copious amounts of beer.

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