Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Walk In The Woods
It looks like Barry Levinson is directing.

Since the story takes place almost entirely outside, one of the issues with getting A Walk in the Woods off the ground is timing. "We can only shoot at a certain time, because if you don't start at a certain time, you can't do it," he explained. "So it becomes a seasonal issue."

The bigger question is that Robert Redford is attached to play Bryson. And while a story about the challenges a man faces while hiking the Appalachian Trail and dealing with an ornery old friend seems extremely well-suited for Redford, let's just say that's where the similarities between the two -- who have a 15 year age gap between them -- end. "Bryson's older in this movie!" Levinson joked when I asked him about the casting choice. "It's a guy who's a writer, he's married, kids, grandchildren, etc.," he explained. "Most of the country doesn't know Bryson, they know something of his writing. So you had to adapt that aspect of it."

Let's just all cross our fingers and hope the timing works out, because this is one adaptation that we would love to see!

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