Saturday, April 26, 2008

The trail name of Trevor Thomas a blind hiker from Franklin NC.

These obstacles are challenging enough even for the average hiker who has the benefit of all five senses, but imagine trying to accomplish the feat without the gift of sight.

Such is the reality for "Zero/Zero" - his trail name, which is a spoof on 20/20 vision.

He and four fellow Appalachian Trail thru-hikers on their way to Maine sat down to talk with The Press April 18 during a pit stop in Franklin to pick up supplies and grab a respite at the Franklin Motel.

Zero/Zero (real name Trevor Thomas), who hails from Charlotte, started his odyssey in Georgia on April 6. He was supposed to meet a seeing guide who never showed, so he asked a thru-hiker (trail name "Noah John") if he could follow him for a while, and the person agreed.

He met up with his current band of trail mates a week later. They are "Bundy" (real name Jason Sepielli), of Augusta, Ga.; "Big D" (Joni Waetti), of Madison, Wis.; "Caboose" (Lindsey Hentz), of Bel Air, Md.; and "Van Sherpa" (trail name) of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Listening to their playful banter and loose conversation, you would think they were lifelong friends.

Interestingly enough, all five began the journey solo between April 6-8, then met on the trail. They now say they will stay together for the duration of the approximately 2,175-mile trip north to Maine.

He apparently listens to where his friends put their feet and follows along. He will be the second blind hiker to thru hike the Appalachian Trail. Bill Irwin managed the feat in 1990 with his guide dog Orient.


Kazoo Guy said...

If you meet up with Trevor, wish him the best from Phil and Cana. My German Shepherd Dog and I sometimes walk with Trevor in our neighborhood; we have to hurry to keep up. Trevor walks along the gutters, dodging the parked cars and banging off of the mailboxes that stick out too far. He's a all ahead full hiker, an unforgettable character. Hope you have a chance to meet him.

Anonymous said...

Hi kazoo guy: Trevor has made it through into the NH White Mountains. He's currently hiking with "K1YPP" and "Walky-Talky." I ferried the trio in and out of North Woodstock, NH yesterday afternoon. He's in good spirits and there's no doubt he'll summit Katahdin in a month or so. I'll see him again next week and will relay your greetings. Kathy / kd2vx / "Kit-Kat"