Friday, May 02, 2008

Beer O'Clock 6:14
The average Brit starts drinking at 6:14.

IT'S little wonder Brits claim they are gasping for a pint when they get to the pub - because the average first beer is not served until 6.14pm.

A study has found the time for the first drink - nicknamed "Beer O'Clock" - has got later over the years.

And despite fears the country is steadily slipping into a 24-hour booze culture, the UK is down the list when it comes to how early the first pint is poured.

In fact, many Europeans will be on their second or third tipple by the time the average Brit gets to the bar.

The end of boozy lunch breaks and longer working hours are thought to be behind the change.

Fifteen countries were included in the study of drinking habits.

It found that Danish drinkers have an average Beer O'Clock of 4.41pm.

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