Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two Rescues Scaled Back
One in Montana.
WEST GLACIER - Searchers continued to comb Glacier National Park’s backcountry wilderness Monday, hunting for a hiker now a full week overdue.

Tuesday, however, will bring a substantially scaled-back effort, unless new evidence emerges as to the fate of 27-year-old Yi-Jien Hwa.

“We are still hopeful that additional information will eventually surface that will lead us to Yi-Jien,” incident commander Patrick Suddath said. “But we know that the odds for that outcome are reduced with each day that goes by. In the absence of a promising development, we will be scaling back the operation.”

And one in New Hampshire.
CRAWFORD NOTCH, N.H. — The search for a Windham County man missing in the mountains of New Hampshire has gone from "active" to "passive," according to an official.

"We've gone into a passive mode for now," said Maj. Timothy Acerno, acting chief of law enforcement for New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, of his department's search for Robert Hughes, 59, of Williamsville.

My thoughts and prayers go out to their friends and family.

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