Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why Lie?
It works for republicans. A democrat does not have to lie for the media to call him a liar. See Al Gore 2000. The TV media with few exceptions will not call a republican a liar. The so called liberal New York Times will use every word but lie to describe what John "The Opportunist Liar" McCain does. The best a democrat can ever hope for is one on one with a republican liar.
Here is a good clip.

The democratic surrogate was allowed to talk to the republican surrogate with out interference from the host. Who was right? The host is not going to tell you. It is entertainment. Not news. Usually it is two or three republicans to every democrat.

Why in the clip above did the TV anchor not have an intern read the bill and say who was correct. The media says they do not want to pick side. Why not pick the truth? The media is here to entertain not inform. A large segment of the society actually wants to be informed. The media owners are pushing people to other sources.

John " The Opportunist Liar" McCain is going to keep doing this until all the media calls him a liar not just a few lefties.
But there's just something breathtaking about John McCain's 2008 campaign, and it's not just because he's running in part on his reputation for candor and integrity. We're talking about a candidate who's been lying about everything -- his record, his running mate, his opponent, his agenda, his past, and his policies. He'll lie, get caught, and then repeat the same lie. He'll lie, get caught, and then lie about lying. He'll lie about some things in which the truth was just as good, but lying came more naturally. And he seems to be lying more as the race unfolds.

There is no reason to believe he will be called on it by the sociopaths in the media.

Read this by Jameson Foser of Media Matters if you do not believe me.

If the lies are repeated and treated as the truth is why not lie?

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