Thursday, September 18, 2008

Zero/Zero Getting it Done
Zero/Zero is the trail name of Trevor Thomas, who is legally blind. He has made it through Mahoosuc Notch and is headed for Katahdin. For some reason in this article after the first paragraph they refer to Thomas as Taylor.
At this point, Taylor can still perceive patterns of light and dark, and make out some distorted shapes.”

But his mother, Judith, told The Citizen his vision “is so fuzzy that things disappear, and the tiny bit of peripheral vision he has is like looking in a fun-house mirror. Everything he does ‘see’ is misshapen and indecipherable. He says everything is getting worse as the days go by, but he can distinguish light at this point.”

Of his AT journey so far, Taylor writes: “Being on the AT is more surreal than any experience I can recall before I lost my sight, and I felt I had already done it all, from sky diving to mountain climbing.

“If I can encourage even one blind or otherwise disabled person to get off the sofa, my walk will have been worth it.”

I think he would like too help other blind people. So if you want his contact info is at the link.

Go Zero/Zero! Happy Trails!

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