Saturday, November 22, 2008

Connecticut Regulates Olive Oil, Say It Ain't Soy!
Connecticut becomes the first state in the nation to regulate olive oil.

Luciano V. Sclafani Jr. has imported enough olive oil over the years to know when something is not right. So when he saw an advertisement for a three-liter tin of extra virgin olive oil for $9.99 when the market price was between $25 and $30, he knew something was up.

He purchased the oil, had it analyzed and, sure enough, the "extra virgin olive oil" was actually 90 percent soybean oil and 10 percent pomace oil, a low-grade of olive oil.

Sclafani of Norwalk-based Sclafani Importers alerted the state Department of Consumer Protection and its agents' own analysis determined that not only was the oil not extra virgin olive, but it was also four ounces shy of the labeled weight.

The republicans and their free market friends always say that the market will take care of it's self. It is acceptable to republicans for you and your children to die for corporate profits. Even sensible regulation like requiring olive oil to be olive oil is unacceptable to them. But, Chef are you going a little over the top here. No! No! No! With children allergic to nuts like never before what if the distributer put in peanut, walnut, or hazelnut?

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