Saturday, November 15, 2008

No Mr Big
No mater how much they spend, the growing will continue.

The U.S. Forest Service pulled twice as many marijuana plants from the San Bernardino National Forest this year compared to 2007 because it had twice as much money, a special agent in charge of eradicating marijuana said.

Special Agent in Charge Ron Pugh, who oversees law enforcement in California forests for the U.S. Forest Service, said his targets are the chiefs of the drug organizations.

He says arresting them is the best way to decrease the amount of marijuana planted. Finding fewer plants next year would be a good measure of success, Pugh said.

"We want to get to the Mr. Big who is profiting from this," Pugh said. "Until we get to that we are just chasing the farmers."

They are not going to catch the guy who bank rolls the operation. The farmers as Pugh calls them will not tell if they know. And most likely they do not. It would be a death penalty for them. If you want to stop them from growing on public land legalize it. Tax it. Regulate it. Prohibition has not worked for the last 70 plus years. The time has come to change this failed policy.

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