Monday, November 03, 2008


Sunset@Dubai, originally uploaded by hk_traveller.

Dubai where they can build the worlds tallest building. The largest indoor ski area in the world. Islands that look like palm trees. You can play tennis in the sky but they can not clean up their municipal waste.

For several weeks some of the emirate's fabled beaches have been covered with the stinking contents of septic tanks as Dubai suffers the consequences of its frantic and poorly controlled development.

The foul effluent, which threatens to damage Dubai's image, highlights one of the paradoxes of the emirates -- it can build the world's tallest tower and six-star hotels but has not constructed the sewage works it needs.

Dubai officially had 1.3 million inhabitants at the end of 2006 but its population is ballooning.

If you build it they will come, unless your beaches are covered in sh*t. It is just stupid not to take care of your sh*t. Heck, they are building at sea level. Let us see how smart that is in a couple of decades.

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