Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Quake Lake

Quake Lake, originally uploaded by ML Dollan Art & Photography.

A swarm of over 250 earthquakes hit Yellowstone National Park this weekend. Is this a precursor to a super volcano caldera eruption? Who knows?

The earthquakes have occurred in an area of the park where the temblors are common, scientists at the University of Utah say.

However, that number of earthquakes in such a short space of time is unusual, officials say.

According to the University of Utah Seismograph Stations, the quakes have been centered beneath Yellowstone Lake some five to nine miles south-southeast of Fishing Bridge. They are shallow temblors, anywhere from less than 2 miles below the earth's surface to near it, according to reports.

The earthquakes started on Friday and continued over the weekend, growing in strength. The strongest quake was 3.8 magnitude.

The picture above is of Earthquake Lake. The lake was formed when a August 17, 1959 earthquake caused part of the mountain to slide into the Madison River forming this lake, also called Quake Lake. 28 people were killed in the slide caused by the earthquake.

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