Sunday, December 14, 2008

Throwing Shoes At Bush

It would be funny, if it was not so sad. Does Bush think people in Iraq like him. Is the bubble that complete? The shame that man has brought to this great country. For the cultural signifigance of throwing a shoe at someone i the Middle East here is Blue Girl.
That said, there is some cultural relevance to the act of throwing a shoe at someone in the Arab world. It carries an added meaning in Baghdad that it doesn't have in KC. Indeed, it is the gravest of insults in Iraqi culture. I have heard it said that an Iraqi would rather be hit by gunfire than a shoe. The attached symbolism can't - or at least shouldn't - be discounted. Even atheists in the Arab world remove their shoes when they enter their own homes, because someone may visit who wants to pray on their carpets. Carpets in the Arab world are more than an accessory to tie a room together - they are sacred objects, replete with meaning and symbolism, and not to be trampled across wearing shoes. With even modest cultural awareness, and I only have enough Anthropology in my background to make me dangerous - the significance of hurling a shoe at a head of state visiting Iraq is obvious. And I don't know whether to be amused and mirthful, or horrified that this man has so humiliated our country. To the point that shoes are thrown at him during his final press conference in the country that defines his "presidency."
Here Are The Shoes Flying

This is the end, kiss of death you dog. Yelled the shoe thrower.

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