Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Trevor Thomas
The blind hiker known as Zero/Zero finished the Appalachian Trail on October 7, with broken ribs after a fall on Maine's Saddleback Mountain. A truly amazing feat. The Charlotte Observer has the best of many articles I have seen about Zero/Zero.

On the day he was to start, his acquaintance that was going to hike with him did not show. Undeterred he asked passing hikers if he could walk behind them. The 24th said yes. You should really read it all. But My love of the Appalachian Trail is not so much about the trail but the people. Here is a quote from Z/Z

I put my life in the hands of complete strangers over and over again,” Thomas said. “And whenever it seemed the darkest, whenever it seemed the magic had run out, someone would be there.”

Things like that make me feel good about the American people. One on one with out politics or religion we do the right thing and help our fellow man.

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