Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Controversy At World Championship

WSOBP 3, originally uploaded by EDubya.

Of beer pong! Will sport in America ever recover? This could damage the American psyche more than the Black Sox Scandal of 1929.

In a very Vegas moment this Sunday afternoon at the Flamingo, somebody made an unfortunate misrepresentation. Two somebodies, actually. As the competition filtered down to the final teams from a starting crop of 414, a pair from Baltimore, Md. made an “unfortunate misrepresentation” when reporting the results from their previous game: They said they won.

It was most likely unintentional. Authorities believe alcohol was a factor. Certainly no Baltimoron(said with pride) would lie for personal gain. In order to maintain the integrity of the game Tournament authorities.....

However, tempers ran more hotly when the discrepancy was first discovered. Gaines and his co-founder, Duncan Carroll, addressed the pong players Sunday, announcing that the team had been banned for life from competitive beer pong and the WSOBP, and the players were escorted out of the ballroom by security guards.

This could be a turning point for the game can the pro league survive?

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