Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lucy And The Football
Lindsay Beyerstein has an article in the Washington Independent about Obama wanting to remove the birth control from the economic stimulus bill. He wants to make republicans happy.
If Democrats concede to Republicans on the issue, which appears likely according to the AP, many Democratic powerhouses, like Planned Parenthood — which endorsed Obama — will feel betrayed. Women’s advocates and health groups lobbied aggressively to convince the White House and Congress to include money for expanded birth control coverage in the stimulus bill. The groups had early success last week when the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved a version of the stimulus bill that included such language.

It just goes to show how little republicans care about abortion. People who use birth control are less likely to get pregnant and have an abortion. They are less likely to have a child in poverty. But republicans believe sex should have consequences and not good ones.

Oh and republicans are still going to complain and not vote for the bill.

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