Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Only One
Car maker sold more cars in 2008 than 2009.
Subaru's customers are, the company admits, a little oddball. How else do you explain the fact that Subaru of America was the only car company to increase unit sales last year? Subaru buyers tend to be overeducated; they buy less car than they can afford and hang on to it forever. "They pay cash, and then you never see them again," says Tim Mahoney, Subaru of America's chief marketing officer. At least not for an average 7.3 years, when they return like migrating carbirds to buy another one. Recession or not.

They sold 491 more cars and their market share went from 1.2% to 1.9%. The hippies know!

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--Blue Girl said...

So I guess the Japanese word for Volkswagon Bug is "Subaru" huh?