Thursday, February 12, 2009

Evil Bastards
I had forgotten about the right wing domestic terrorist Jim Adkisson. But dday at Hullabaloo has a post reminding us how the right wing hates America. This was not some random act of violence but egged on by the morally bankrupt conservative movement, that is led by the drug addled Rush Limbaugh. dday links to Sara at Orcinus who ends her post with this.
Among Adkisson's ranting was a clear statement: "This was an act of political protest." Which means that it was, by definition and his own admission, an act of domestic terrorism.

Our radio hate talkers incited a man to commit an act of terrorism. Just sit a minute and take that in. And the next time you hear them foaming on about how liberals are "soft on terrorism," reflect on the fact that they'd better hope to hell we don't get any more serious about it -- because if we do, their asses are going to be the first ones in the dockets.

If you do not remember Jim Adkisson, he was the guy in Tennessee who killed several people in a liberal church.

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