Thursday, February 05, 2009

Republicans Want A Great Depression
That is why they are delaying the stimulus bill. Barack Obama should go on the TV and start ridiculing them for listing to the drug addled ravings of Rush Limbaugh. Who has said he wants Obama to fail. Republicans hate the American worker. Anyway, new jobless number is out and guess what? A new record!

New claims for unemployment benefits spiked to a quarter-century high of 626,000 last week, as businesses continued shedding workers to cope with the economic downturn.

The number represents a larger-than-expected increase over the 591,000 people who filed for benefits the week before, and sets the stage for another jump in the unemployment rate for January when it is released on Friday.

The number of people continuing to collect benefits also rose, to nearly 4.8 million, and is now at the highest point since recordkeeping began about 40 years ago.

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