Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The south is still full of traitors. The republican party has become the party of the south. The dixiecrats have died or become republicans. Digby has a great post about the party of NO! I think you would do well to read it in its entirety, but I want to highlight this.
Much like the southern confederates of Lincoln's time, the modern Republicans believe that until Democrats sign on to their ideology, openly and without any deviation, they must stop them, no matter what the consequences. When they are in the majority, they dominate without apology and when they are in the minority, they throw themselves into the machinery to obstruct anything that isn't part of their agenda. They are perfectly willing to destroy the country.

More later.
More: I could not remember a comment that described my brother in law a cheap labor conservative and lover of southern heritage.* From the Guerrilla News Network. Via Libby
The ugly truth is that cheap-labor conservatives just don’t like working people. They don’t like “bottom up” prosperity, and the reason for it is very simple. lords have a harder time kicking them around. Once you understand this about the cheap-labor conservatives, the real motivation for their policies makes perfect sense. Remember, cheap-labor conservatives believe in social hierarchy and privilege, so the only prosperity they want is limited to them. They want to see absolutely nothing that benefits the guy – or more often the woman – who works for an hourly wage.

Bold is mine. But describes my b/l.
* Southerners like to say "Heritage not hate" when defending the battle flag of the confederacy. But it is their racist heritage and their treasonous heritage they are defending.

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