Friday, March 13, 2009

I Take Offense
At the headline of this article. "US energy future hits a snag in rural Pennsylvania" The article is about gas production fowling the ground water. The future of energy is wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources. Gas, oil and coal are the past. We need to stop using them. Especially if they are destroying the ground water. We can live without gas. We can not live without water. A resource that is getting scarce

Ron and Jean Carter suspected there was a leak when the water supply to their trailer home started to taste and smell bad after Cabot started drilling 200 yards (meters) away.

Not wanting to risk the health of a new grandchild living with them, the 70-year-old retirees scraped together $6,500 for a water purification system.

"It was kind of funny that the water was good in July but after they drilled, it wasn't," said Ron Carter.

Tim and Debbie Maye, a truck driver and post office worker who have three teenage children, have been cooking and drinking only bottled water since their well water turned brown in November after Cabot started drilling.

But she can't afford bottled water for her animals. Her cats have been losing fur and projectile vomiting because they lick drips from the spigot that carries water from their well. Her three horses -- one of which is losing its hair -- drink as much as 50 gallons a day.

"I tell my husband, 'I'm going out to poison the horses,'" she said.

The drilling in Dimock has released methane into the water supply, a fact acknowledged by Cabot and state regulators.

Some homeowners said they were able to ignite their well water. In one case, a gas buildup blew the cap off a well.

"The well was capped with six to eight inches of concrete," said Norma Fiorentino, 66. "The explosion broke it into three big pieces and blew a huge hole in the ground."

This type of gas harvesting known as fracking, must stop. Everywhere it is done the water becomes fouled. The corporate assholes put all kinds of nasty chemicals in the ground. Which chemicals you ask? Well, they will not tell us it is proprietary. We can not tell you because our competitors might just find out. Or most likely it is such a nasty chemical brew that it is illegal to put them in the ground.

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