Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Food Links
Mark Bittman has a nice take on a pork burger for Memorial day. I bet it would be good with this mustard. Check out the intro to Mark's burger video, where he channels his inner Blue Man.

Artisanal food Is helping the economy in Hardwick VT.

Fermentation is our friend. Vanilla beans need to be fermented to gain it's wonderful aroma. Fruit vinegars. Wines of Argentina come of age. Texas is the fifth largest producer of wine in the US. Quick name the four states that produce more. Jill makes sauerkraut.

Marion Nestle has a good round up of articles discussing the problems of small meat producers.

Haitian farmers vow to burn Monsanto's Genetically modified seeds.

Grocery stores segregated by peoples weight. Not fatties at Whole Foods.

Bone Marrow Pizza.

Anthony Bordain calls the Tea Partiers, "a lot of marginal, very angry white people." With video.

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