Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bees On A Truck

A truck carrying 12 million bees crashed in CA.

t was a stinging revelation on State Route 99 in Sacramento, California yesterday: mixing 12 million honeybees, a top-heavy tractor trailer and a tight freeway on-ramp makes a painfully sticky mess that will quickly bring traffic to a halt.

With an estimated 440 bee hives smashed on the side of the highway, and millions of stressed-out bees buzzing wildly and looking for victims, disaster was thankfully averted by a group of beekeepers who happened upon the accident (there's never a cop when you need one, but apparently beekeepers are readily available). Once their hives were re-assembled on another flatbed, the tiny insects made a bee-line for the shelter and, sweet ending in sight, began to bee-have themselves once again. Thanks to everyone who bugged us about the story.

Does this type of thing help cause Colony Collapse Disorder? It can not be good for the bees.

Hat tip clusterflock

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